It is a way of sharing readings as a group, based on invitations to participate reading a text in public. Audio recordings are compiled to be played live. random or texts of their own authorship are interpreted aloud by any of the participants. In some cases, the recordings are collected on digital fanzines called Catarsys.

exhibition / residence with Daniel Leber in Tòpica Tucumàn, curated by Guadalupe Creche and Javier Soria Vázquez.

Curatorship of Eugenia González Mussano and Lucas Despósito in Casa De Pepino where you could read the poems written on tickets by my cash register. We made two activations of the open mic next to a stereo plug-shaped totem.

During the Liliana Maresca retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, we opened the microphone to read the painted posters and thus we made the space available and collectively interpreted the work in a literal way.

diseño web: astrosuka & sofja 2020