Nina Kovensky


I was born in Buenos Aires in 1993. In 2011/12 I studied the “Casa Escuela de Arte” Scholarship and simultaneously participated in Isla Flotante gallery by making there “my first job, my first show”. Between 2013 and 2016 I lived in the City of Córdoba and learned about vegan cuisine. I did art critic sessions with Aníbal Buede, thanks to which I started my first self-managed curatorial projects for solo shows. I made an exhibition with my father Martin at El Gran Vidrio gallery.
In 2017 I returned to Buenos Aires to attend the Programa de artistas of the Di Tella University. I received a grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes and made the documentary “Que Aparezca Maresca” with the help from Mic Ritacco. In that same year I made “Klapaucius:;:;:; ”, a solo show curated by 141 people, on Isla Flotante gallery. In 2018, I presented a solo show at the Barrio Joven of arteBA and obtained the Premio en Obra award.
Lately, I’ve been dedicating myself to performing in public spaces, incorporating accomplices most of the time on public transportation, I call these interventions "interferences". In parallel, I cook with Lucia Reissig for “Caterine Ful Lov”, a fictional character who feeds their people, in art shows and political demonstrations.
I’m currently working with El Gran Vidrio contemporary art gallery, where I show my most recent sculptures.


2020-2018 / CATERINE FUL LOV / food project / politics / curatorship together with Lucia Reissig.

2019 / INTERFERENCE III performance with Meme Liébana and Rocío Muy Bien on the B train for Perfuch, Uv Studios, Buenos Aires.

2019 / PINK TENT / Vegan chori sale in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires.

2019 / PRESENT FUTURE / book presentation by Graciela Speranza for the publisher house Siglo XXI.

2019 / TECNOSENSIBLE / collective platform in digital biennial produced by byte footage.

2019 / INTERFERENCE II / with False Contact piece at the Berlin Metro.

2019 / THE WITHDRAWAL, RAINING, AN EIGHTH PART OF THE FUTURE / Group Show curated by Anibal Buede and Daniel Melero, Cordoba.

2019 / TRIBAL / duo show with Daniel Leber curated by Guada Creche in Tòpica Tucuman.

2019 / SHINING SWAMP / Book of poems printed by Desde Un Tacho.

2018/2019 / INTERFERENCE / performance for Perfuch, Subte B, Buenos Aires.

2018 / REYNA REYRNA REYNA / Group show, curated by Amaya, Scorzelli and Zmud, based on the work of Alejandra Lapacó at the Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti, Buenos Aires.

2018 / ALPHA CENTAURI / curatorship of 7 solo exhibitions featuring La Piba Berreta / Guido Orlando Contrafatti / Rogrido Lara Serrano / Tobi.Tv/ El Gusto es Nuestro 2 with Chiquita gallery / Zoelandia / EL ANTÌTODO

2018 / DIMINISHED REALITY / solo show with El Gran Vidrio gallery at the Barrio Joven of arteBA, Buenos Aires. 

2018 / LET THE MYTH APPEARS / massive Performance in Don Mito bar, Buenos Aires.

2017 / AN INDIVISIBLE UNIT / group exhibition curated by Gonzalo Lagos at Gachi Prietto gallery, Buenos Aires.

2017 / KLAPAUCIUS:;:;:;:;:; / solo show at Isla Flotante gallery, Buenos Aires.

2017 / LET MARESCA APPEAR/ Movie screening at Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Di Tella University, CCREVOLUCION and CASA 13.

2017 THE THAW AGE / group show at Piedras gallery, Buenos Aires.

2017 THE NASH DILEMA / group show curated by Anibal Buede and Luciano Burba at the Cabildo, Córdoba.

2017 THE EVAPORATION OF CHARM/ collaboration for Nani Lamarque’s exhibition at Barro gallery, Buenos Aires.

2017 ELUSIVE HAPPINESS / CC Revolución, Córdoba City.

2016 CONNECTED STATE / Casa De Pepino Córdoba City.

2016 EL SÓTANO / Curatorship and production of first individual samples of artists resident in Córdoba Capital.

2016 CUSTOMIZABLE / hologram-jammer house, Córdoba City.

2016 UNSTABLE BALANCE / El Gran Vidrio Gallery, City of Córdoba. Duo show together with with Martin Kovensky.

2014 ELIPSIS / Tumba Space, High School Courtyard, Buenos Aires

(installation and drawings together with Agus Viazzi)

2014 ARTEBA / Isla Flotante Gallery, Barrio Joven.

(group show, sculpture and drawings)

2014 CHEAP ART / Jupiter Gallery, Córdoba

(group show, drawings, caps and photographs)

2013 ARTEBA / Isla Flotante Gallery, Barrio Joven

(group show, framed notebooks and video-installation)

2013 ORGIA / Green Orange, Buenos Aires

(installation) and Nani Lamarque and Bruno Depaoli.

2012 AGUANTE ROLLING / Centennial Park, Buenos Aires

(invitation to perform outdoors)

2012 SCHOOL HOUSE / Buenos Aires

(group show, end of course, video, paintings, drawings)

2012 JUNTA ART FAIR / Isla Flotante Gallery / Buenos Aires

(video-installation with cell phone)

2012 GROUP SHOW / Isla Flotante Gallery / Buenos Aires

(video-installation and drawings)

2011 MY FIRST JOB MY FIRST SHOW / Isla Flotante Gallery / Buenos Aires

(installation, video, drawings)

2011 SECRET SHOW / Jupiter Gallery, Córdoba

with jazmin kovensky, installation of drawings on trees

2010 PLEASE TOUCH BUT DO NOT BREAK / Carlos Pellegrini School / Buenos Aires

(Open invitation to tea party at the schoolyard)

2003 Group show. Workshop Gabriel Cantilo, Buenos Aires.

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