A series of videos that record interventions carried out on public transport, mainly subway trains. It’s a collective action where a group of performers uses specific pieces and materials, such as transparent crystals that simulate cell phones, colored mirrors that reflect space and other people faces or electric cables, with which they slowly knot to the pipes and seats. The passengers, almost without realizing it, become part of the performance when they begin to spy on what the person sitting next to them is doing.

Interference 1, 2018

Video 2:22 min

Performers: Ayelèn Agüero // Francisca Amigo // Daniel Leber // Osìas Yanov // Santiago Ortì // Torcuato Gonzàlez // Zoe Trilnik Fargi // Maribel Felpeto // Facundo Belén // Celina Eceiza // Mariano Ullua

Registration: Gustavo Bruzzone, Santiago Ortì and Julieta Tarraubella

Perfuch, UV studies

Interference 2, 2019

Video clip Duration 2:55 min

Performance performed in the Berlin metro in 2019

by Rosalba Menna // Pepo // Julieta Omil // Ailin Formia // Little Death // Tomàs de Domini // Tom Werth // Nina Kovensky // Sebastián Vélez // Renatita Fuchs //

Piece of colored mirrors titled "False Contact"

Alejandro Fabbri camera

Production: Ailin Formia / Little Death

Direction and editing: Nina Kovensky

for the song “Nada Funcionando” by Gata Cattana

Interference 3 , 2019

Video Duration 3:05 min

Bindings by Meme Liébana and Rocío Muy Bien

Performers: Mariela Scafati // Morales Loureda // Painted Cardboard // Belén Coluccio // Fabio gutiérrez // Nadia Berenice // Malena García Blaya // Barbi S.A.

Camera by Mic Ritacco // Santiago Valentinis // Gustavo Bruzonne

Production Assistant: Daniel Leber

Music: The High Voltage Goddess of EL PELELE




*Text by Laura Hackel

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